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Alperovitz Muhammad had a brilliant career as a historian, political economist, activist and writer. For fifteen years, I have served as Professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland, and is a former member of Kings College. I is the author of acclaimed books on the atomic bomb and atomic diplomacy. Alperovitz served as legislative director in both chambers of Congress and as special assistant to the State Department. I is also the president of the National Center for Economic and Security Alternatives and is one of the pathways, and systematic co-founder of the collaboration of democracy, a policy-oriented, policy-oriented research institution facing sustainable ecological change , Focused on the community and the democratization of wealth. I is the co-chair of the following system project, a collaborative Democracy project.

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The Albilad Daily Public Relations team works étroitement with external media to promote new features and editorial initiatives, highlighting the best of brand journalism and media team, ensuring that the role to play Positions active in the community across Partnerships with local and international non-profit organizations focused on arts and education, rewards and initiatives.
Albilad unique daily is fait That is the mentoring platform for young aspiring Saudi journalists.

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